2021 Grad Show

Stephan Sarvajc

AUArts Grad Show IMG_20200427_091656_591



I make bold geometric paintings, using flat, vibrant colour-planes. My works are composed digitally and painted traditionally. I use multiple methods of digital abstraction to create images that transcend everyday life. My work aims to create a “vibe” or atmosphere that facilitates a perceptual shift, and a state of contemplation in the viewer. I do not aim to force a narrative on my audience or steer their interpretation of my work. I spend a lot of time in my creative design process, to construct illusionary, other-worldly images, that can be perceived in multiple ways based on variables such as viewing distance. I plan each piece meticulously, and test exhaustively for elements such as evocative colour-combinations and linear composition before I ever touch the canvas. During the painting process, I work as carefully and meticulously as possible, and I am constantly striving to improve my process.


These paintings represent my most current work as of May, 2021. I have dedicated more time and focus to both the creative and technical side of my work in this collection. This collection represents an optimism in the future, as we re-emerge from the pandemic of 2020.

Mining Geometry

A collection of bold geometric paintings composed by observing and scaling photographs to the point where their context becomes completely lost. Formal compositions and colour pallets for each piece were chosen through exhaustive digital experimentation, prior to painting.

Proper Placement

A collection of paintings created through geometric abstraction. The Compositions were created and chosen based on emotive qualities of colour and shape. These paintings are meant to promote a perceptual shift within the viewer, and create an atmosphere conducive to contemplative thought.

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