2020 Grad Show

Caleb Scholes

AUArts Grad Show me 1


In my work I always aim to capture emotion and narrative in my shoots first and foremost whatever the subject is, be it an experimental fine art project or a more grounded commercial style shoot.

Moving from England to Canada at a young age I used sports as common ground to connect with people, and I started to see the human stories behind sports like soccer and hockey; I now look for the stories behind everything. My passion is to identify and showcase the elements which create this almost romantic connection between human beings and sports. Although, despite sports being an initial focus of my practice, earning my degree at Alberta University of the Arts has enabled me to shoot in many different capacities.

I am constantly looking for new experiences and subjects to take photographs of, and as a friendly people person, it is always interesting to meet people along the way as I find new stories and angles. I actively seek opportunities that will take me to new and exciting places with my photography, and never doubt my ability to capture the best possible shot whether I am shooting a shoe for an advertisement or a goal at the local soccer tournament.

Us and Them

Exploring the relationship between human beings and sports.