2021 Grad Show

Sean Sepp

AUArts Grad Show seanv2

VCD – Character Design & Illustration

Sean is mainly a character designer based out of Calgary, Alberta, developing a love for art in high school and furthering his capabilities through the Alberta University of the Arts. Sean mainly works in traditional mediums with a main focus on ink, but has been known to extend his reach into other fields. Profile image courtesy Alyssa Kasprick

From the Nest - Teaser

Pages taken from the start of a small comic titled "From the Nest"
The story follows a warrior named Suzume as she searches for her sister, having only a broken bracelet as a hint to her whereabouts.

Artifacts Tell a Story

This is the story of Moby Dick, presented traditionally in ink as illustrations for the novel, then reworked as illustrations for a mythic Japanese tale, done as a ukiyo-e.

From the Nest - Visual Development

Excerpts from the visual development book for the comic "From the Nest"

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