2021 Grad Show

Larissa Serson

AUArts Grad Show IMG_0290


As an artist I focus all my work with what I know and that was community and family, I work in the mediums of painting and crochet as this mediums can show so many possibilities and they work together beautifully. Within this series I am showing the connections of family within the craft of blankets within a colour coded system, and exploring the act of making and how those processes can be blended through many mediums. I put a huge focus on blankets and how they are this object that can hold so much meaning and connected a line of people through on single object. As this was really interesting and how a family member from the past generation could have made a single blanket and presently you could be holding there handy work and your could be holding the future generations next favourite item. So this was something I thought about especially making the blankets I did this semester, would a future generation find joy in my craftsmanship. which brought my attention to the act of making and how this creation is something that doesn't stand the test of time unless its documented which was something I wanted to abstractly document in painting that could show making that blended paint and yarn on a surface. My focus of Blankets and craftsmanship is something that go hand and hand as they are statements that need both to stand. I am an artist who has focused my work from community that explored my past and pushed it to the future generations through heirloom objects.


This collection are the final few pieces I want to showcase within this show. I find creating with many medias show case a versatile artist and the range that can be made by the artists hands.


This collection is focused on the making of two heirloom items to have within my family line. so I create a Blanket and a family book. Within these space I have separated the book into three sections present family, ancestors, and a pattern space so viewers can build their own family blanket. I created these objects as many of our ancestral objects were lost to time, residential schools, and the travel of coming to Canada. This series holds a huge meaning to myself as this was something I wanted for the family and now that it created its something I can share with the surviving past generation and the future generation.

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