2020 Grad Show

Balzhan Sitaliyeva

AUArts Grad Show photoofme

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


Hi I'm Balzhan, a graphic design major, illustrator, and a 2020 graduate of AUArts. As a designer, I am interested in branding, and how visual elements can create an emotional response that lasts in people's memories.

Seed + Stone Market

Seed + Stone Market is a concept for a natural grocery store brand that carries seasonal items with minimal imports to decrease food and plastic waste that is often unavoidable for most markets. This is a collaboration with Annielle Cunningham and Emma Dallaire done in our fourth year branding class at Alberta University of the Arts.

Font Design + Brochure

A font design based on a narrative about dreams. The font is applied on a brochure about different dream phenomena such as lucid dreaming, sleep paralysis, sleep talking, and more.

Northanger Abbey

Northanger Abbey book jacket and chapter illustrations channelling dark but playful vibes. The protagonist Catherine Morland just wants to have fun, and does so by exploring a medieval castle full of secrets and horror.

CAN IT. Magazine

A school project in collaboration with Alexi Gaulin, CAN IT. is a niche magazine about the art of preserving food. Its first ever issue is taking a closer look at the process of fermentation discussing the health benefits, history, and culture. The following spreads include cover, three departments, and one full feature.