2021 Grad Show

Sheryl Spencer

AUArts Grad Show sher1

Print Media

Sheryl Spencer is a Calgary Based Printmaking artist. Favouring intaglio prints, her current work is centered around the deeper meanings and considerations of objects, and why we collect and surround ourselves with certain things. Inspired by the human-thing entanglements we find ourselves in, as well as object timelines and itinerancy, Sheryl uses objects she has collected due to her own curiosity to connote the soul (or numen) of objects.

Clothing Entanglements, Traces, and Itinerancies

The things we wear take on traces of us, and we leave traces on them. We choose the type of clothing we wear, and create deepened entanglements with apparel objects through obtaining and using clothing. I have created some prints exploring the life our clothing takes on by living life with us while we wear it.


I collected hundreds of keys. I enjoyed the shape of them, and the differences of them, but what became most curious was how each key was a part of a set, but most keys are missing those other counterparts. I do not know which car, or house, or padlock these keys once connected with. I also do not know which person once held that key, and eventually discarded it. I became aware that I hadn't solely collected keys, I had collected curiosity. I had become the current guardian of the next stories that would be left within these keys. The unknown of each key creates the potential of countless human interactions with objects. The objects we choose to interact and surround ourselves with leave traces upon us, and we leave traces on them.

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