2020 Grad Show

Matthew Springer

AUArts Grad Show Matthew Springer



I am a multidisciplinary artist majoring in Photography. My practice aims to combine mediums of Illustration, Photography, Sound, and Music into a single cohesive narrative. To challenge the conventions of that mediums essence and how they may interact with each other. I am interested in the subconscious thought patterns our minds delve into through illustration and drawings, while combining it with the very literal and real things that we see everyday through Photography. My approach to photography is documentary in nature. The images I shoot are that of which is before me. This is the world we all experience and can see universally. Adding illustrations to these photos is a representation of the subconscious mind. These are elements that are influenced by an individuals experience with this image within their own minds. How we all see everything differently can re contextualize how we understand sights and symbols. This goes to challenge the very understandings to what “Documentary Photography” can be classified as.


A visual representation of a composed song by my solo music project Overzealous through the means of illustration and photography. The song was performed upon the presentation of the image

Closing Time

Closing Time is a documentary collection of images capturing the downfall of the department store Sears in Calgary throughout the Months of November to January 2017/18. Photos taken at both the North Hill mall and South Centre mall locations. All images are 35mm black and white film and the final product was printed into a zine.


A selection of 35mm film photographs.


A selection of illustrations completed throughout my degree.

Documenting False Realities

Documentary images companied by elements of the subconscious. Challenging the very ideas of what is to be considered documentary.

Netherworld Mind Mirror

Netherworld Mind Mirror is based off of a direct reflection to a nightmare that I had experienced during the reading break, while I had a flu. During the evening of February 19th It had already been a couple days of me being ill, that particular night I would wake up almost every hour in a drenching cold sweat that made me very cold and extremely uncomfortable. Finally after I had fallen asleep long enough to start dreaming, my body was present in a recognizable space of a large treed area. in a way I was floating over top of it. Very shortly in I started to very rapidly have my consciousness flooded with thoughts and anxieties that I had been worrying about at the current time, being sick tends to make me depressed. My body started to move

Documentary Photographs

A selection of documentary photographs taken throughout various places in Canada and the United States.