2021 Grad Show

Clinton St. John



In my practice I address themes of sickness, death, sexuality, and depression. I navigate my own past experiences while developing narratives that expand upon the meaning of the work I create. The paintings are often obscure while at times using figuration in Neo-Expressionistic and Magic Realism settings akin to that of a fever dream.

My current body of work, Obsolescent Moons, is a collection of oil paintings whose subject matter revolves around transformation, and how the relationship to our environment evolves as we undergo change. Looking to these themes within the context of personal experience, and the subconscious mind, the ever-layered act of painting serves as a means to explore the tenuous human experience of what it is to dwell in the present while attuned to immutable knowledges of the past.


Everybody's Hair Is On Fire

Everybody’s hair is on fire
I can make out the shapes of their bodies
Dancing near the pond

False Moon



Sibling Rivalry

Thee Orgy VI

Varmint Moon

Varmint Moon 1896

Wear This Flame Like a Shawl

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