2020 Grad Show

Nicole Mary

AUArts Grad Show 05 – Bemoan the other, performance with arm-knitted white yarn and mirror, Nov 2018



I use arm-knitting and drawing in installations to prompt discussions around obsessiveness, death, and spirituality within the Occult. Practising a Gnostic view of metaphysics, I believe philosophies surrounding the Occult can only be explained through psychology. This has led me to explore the rationality of belief. I frequently question the possibilities of spaces between life/death, psychics/metaphysics, and memory/presence. These systems of belief operate outside of credible scientific theories (that I continue to participate in) as I aestheticize my art into a space of fantasy.

Between Contact and Perception

Installation; series of graphite drawings and a hanging arm-knit made from wool and acrylic. Viewers are invited to walk
through the yarn labyrinth. Drawings are a mixture of graphed patterns and Enochian Magic diagrams.

Virtual walk-through: https://vimeo.com/418298094

I'm Still Here

A circular arm-knit hangs above a pool of water and a ring of dirt where evidence of ritual has taken place.

this is my body, take this in memory of me

Performance by Nicole Mary and Kitty Willow

Two performers alike in physicality remain opposite as a knit divides and unites them. For each stitch one performer knits, the other cuts. At the end of the 3-hour performance, the knit remains the same length. The performers sing catholic choirs intermittently throughout the performance.

Vimeo link: https://vimeo.com/299144845

Thank you Kitty, for being an amazing friend and collaborator. One of my favourite moments at AuArts, I'll always remember you.

binding thin places to a body

Floor installation where viewers are invited to walk on a knitted labyrinth barefoot. Thin dirt-stained sections of yarn create a tight path to follow. Loose ends of the changed yarn are left unwoven.

Pieces of 84

Arm-knitted installation that depicts a coded sigil as a result of extended logic that fails rationality. Pattern for knit depicted in Enochian pattern 3 as shown below.
The total number of stitches in length and width measures 84. Each square knitted contains a different area, and length to create a "magic square". when "sewn" together, they stretch to reach each other by a single thread. Shadows are cast to position the squares as randomly placed as they appear to be.

broken labyrinth

Black and white digital photograph of a plastic arm-knit hanging above a wool arm-knit on the floor.

Residual Traps

Performance with a projection of self and two white plastic arm-knits


A performer wakes up a projection that walks alongside an identical path laid out by an arm-knit that forms a spiral.

10-minute performance, 8:00 - end (for limited time viewing)
Vimeo link: https://vimeo.com/314659667

Personal Seal

Arm-knitted Plastic yarn, white wax

6' diameter, Installed on floor


Thick white plastic yarn is arm-knitted into one circular section that overlays itself. White wax is dropped from a candle to form an anagramic symbol - a sigil - of the artists' name. Over time, the wax will decay, leaving the plastic intact.

defeated spider

Photo of my old apartment with every arm-knit I had done at the date of the photo. A practice of hiding known surroundings in acts of labour.