2020 Grad Show

Robyn Tardif

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My name is Robyn Tardif, and my art practice focusses on cultural identity. I am Secwepemc from Invermere, British Columbia. Inspiration for my work comes from my lineage. My goal is to initiate conversations and bring more awareness to Non-Indigenous people on topics involving the Indigenous experience. My current research focuses on Regalia. I am exploring body adornment and the deconstruction of patterns, heavily focusing on this translation through the use of glass.

Birch Bark Television

Birch Bark, Imitation Sinew, Found Object
12.7cm x 5.08cm x 20.32cm

Pattern Series

This study deconstructs the patterns and components used in traditional Regalia. The design elements commonly used often come from the vegetation linked to the areas the wearer lived and travelled. This principle influences my decisions while investigating ways to translate those patterns onto glass.


Hot Sculpted Glass, Fibre, Copper

Bubble Exploration

Fused Glass


Leather, Copper, Birch Bark, Sheet Glass, Glass Bead, Imitation Sinew

Glass Jingle Dress

Hot Sculpted Glass, Fused Sheet Glass, Fibre, Metal Hardware