2021 Grad Show

Jessica Taylor

AUArts Grad Show IMG_6564 2

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


Im an optimistic, interdisciplinary designer. Unlike many people who view design as a way to immerse themselves in contentment, I have found that it forces me out of my comfort zone. I thrive on the persistent learning cycle of progression within design, so am always willing to learn from the people around me in the field.

Being born in the U.K I spent half my childhood traveling and seeing the amazing works of architecture, historical art and lifestyles in these countries. In response to this I am inspired by the rich culture of our society and the power colour/typography can play in reflecting this phenomena.

Secondary Cities have seen a massive growth in tourism within the last four years, because they provide an alternate travel experience. Due to overpopulation in primary cities, the idea of an authentic trip has been flushed down the drain. Everything has been commercialized and millennials are over it, pushing for tangibility.

Here I had the intent to create a site/forum that allows individuals to put in their dream aspects, budget, biggest concerns, reason for traveling, ideal lodging, whom you’ll be traveling with, ideal climate ect of a trip and be brought to a visual representation of the city and an explanation of the area.

For Her Conference/App

FOR HER is the foundation brand that has been created In collaboration between Experience Church and The Womens Center Calgary. I had the opportunity to fully design all of the brand assets, the app and elements for the in person FOR HER Daughters conference held on April 17th which acted as a headliner for a movement towards interconnection. The event was focused on reconnecting woman to be empowered and strengthened while meeting new people to support one another. Unlike many female events that occur, we implemented measures for woman to still feel connected and create new habits to increase their health within COVID after the event had happened.
Lets create a change thats lasting.

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