2021 Grad Show

Nicole Tran

AUArts Grad Show artist Photo

Media Arts

I am a multimedia artist and my works are focusing on video, sound, animation, and 3D modeling. My practices are usually within the concepts of Nature and Environment. I am interested in exploring the ideas of the relationship between humans, technology, and nature because now a day, technology keeps developing with many new tools, and it becomes very convenient for humans. Besides the pros that technology brings to our world, there are also some negative impacts of technology since humans are misusing it. In addition, as humans keep developing along with technology, preserving our nature is an issue of the world.

Leisure 2

Leisure 1

Chess Set

The Vases

A series of 3D vase modeling


An abstract visual from the experiment of creative coding.

Worm Party

A short animation from the practice of visual audio animation.

Untitled (2020)

I have had some experience in a 3D model software which is rhino and grasshopper when I designed some 2D geometric surface. I try to create some organic shapes to explore the idea of nature. The audio was created by the sounds that I collected from the objects around me and composed them together. The sound piece represents a natural forest space, so I added some sounds of bushes and trees by using the sound from crumbling a plastic bag. I create some bird sounds by sliding a plastic straw through a plastic lead, and sounds of wind by blowing through the straw,... Have a look and see how many sounds of objects that you can recognize!

Stardust - in collaboration with artist Zera Ji

Stardusts is an installation that expresses the feel of us as international students, the aloneness, and the feeling that we cannot fit in, we feel small just like stardusts. However, it just takes time, and we have friends around us who can help us to get to know the unfamiliar place. We are all stardust, even though we are small when we compare to the whole universe, but at the same time, we are big because when we connected with each other, we formed the whole universe.

The Voice of Nature

The Voice of Nature is a sound piece that uses some pieces of sounds mostly from nature such as a tree, forest, river, animal, etc., and mix them together to create a sound collage. This is the soundscape piece that explores the topic of nature is being destroyed. I also edit the sounds by changing the pitch, speed, reversing, and stretching the sound pieces to create the ambient sounds. In this piece, I aim to create a soundscape that shows the timeline of an event that happens to nature. The timeline goes from the beginning when nature is still original to the climax when it is being destroyed and in the end, there is nothing left.

Conceptual Fear

Conceptual Fear is a video and sound installation that visualize a landscape of the ocean and the audiences are simulated to be floating on the ocean. This piece explores the topic of how objects are always being seen by their concept. Therefore, I create a narrative for the piece that leads audiences to experience the ocean environment from peaceful to fear. We usually have the fear of many things around us. Some of the fear is formed by trauma and experience and some of them are formed by the concept of the objects.