2020 Grad Show

Ashley Van Spengen

AUArts Grad Show SelfPortrait_Ashley

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


Canadian born and raised, that maple syrup may run in my veins. Growing up, I wanted to be an illustrator, or as I use to call it 'draw-er' having not known the name of the job, and those skills have followed through my work as time's gone on, Allowing myself to take a creative stance on my work and designs. Though as I grew up, I was drawn to graphic design and typography. How illustration and design play together to to create a beautiful image, it seemed like a puzzle I couldn't wait to solve.

Sir Gwaine and the Green Knight

Is an Arthurian legend told in the form of a poem about bravery, chivalry, and honour according to the knights code! A man, as large as a mountain, but green as moss throws down a branch of holly to challenge King Arthur and his knights of the round table. Gwaine agrees to the battle, and the rules this giant posed. Gwaine has one free swing, and anything he does onto the Green Knight, the Knight will return in a years time. It's quite the story, I'd recommend it.


Logos I've enjoyed creating !

Magazine Illustrations

Magazine illustration that were done by myself, for an editorial project that was a lifestyle magazine made for monsters by monsters.

Torn Apart + Lyric Posters

Here's a display font that I created, that to represent heart break and sorrow. For Torn, I wanted to focus on the
structure being thin, and frail. The inner ‘support’ of the font is to represent the inner turmoil, the heartbreak that isn’t visible from the outside. Having the spine of the letter broken gave off the feeling of crumbling infrastructure, distressed wood and the water running down a window, which was something I wanted to play with.

David Carson Inspired

Using the work of David Carson as inspiration

Poster Design

Typographic posters, with a bit of flare.