2021 Grad Show

Daniela Vasco

AUArts Grad Show IMG_1326

VCD – Character Design & Illustration


Through my work, I enjoy conveying a sense of wonder. I capture moments, inviting the viewer to feel and to dream. My latest work includes a variety of floral imagery and patterns, but I also love capturing emotion through human expressions. I like combining my art with writing as well, and my illustrations are often coupled with poetry.

The Picture of Dorian Gray

For this project, I redesigned the cover for The Picture of Dorian Gray. Despite it being a classic, I wanted to give it a fresher look to attract a new audience. To do this, I included dispersion and bright colors to the line art. The smoke covering half of Dorian’s face is pink, giving it a whimsical feel, while the greenish hue behind him gives it some mystery. The smoke depicts Dorian’s beauty fading away and that the inside is not as pretty. It also illustrates that he is hiding something, feeding into the mystery. For the patterns, I decided to go with orchids since they are a symbol in the book. The beginning pattern is healthy, while the ending pattern is falling apart. This demonstrates Dorian’s death and the ephemeral beauty.


A re-imagining of the cover for the pulp fiction novel "The Price of Salt", now more commonly known as Carol.


What if this happened when we fell asleep?

Hecate Tarot Card


Hand studies, tattoo design, and lettering with a witchy vibe.

Static Dreams

“By the moonlight beams, it’s quiet, until a shooting star appears”
Concept art and blender models for the environments in Static Dreams, a game concept about introspection.

The Bell Jar

A woman, drowning in her own sorrow, confined by a glass dome that hinders her escape. Words, thoughts, verses pour; collapsing, crashing into her as she falls towards despair. Flowers adorn her tumultuous bed of water, pressed and perfectly conserved.
This is a death artifact in honor of Sylvia Plath.

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