2021 Grad Show

Sofía Velásquez

AUArts Grad Show profilephoto

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


Hi there! I am Sofia Velasquez; just like graphic design, I am very versatile with my skillset. I love all expressions of art, music and culture. My favourite part about design is being able to positively impact people's lives by using all tools available to optimize products and services they interact with in daily life. My goals root in improving one thing at a time, fulfilling its purpose to ultimately improve quality of life for individuals and communities. My motivation relies in seeing the progress and change of things during the creative process while simplifying its complexities into a functional and holistic results. My biggest inspiration source is nature, its colours and its diversity, on planet earth and beyond.

World's Coffee Chart

Elemental Scents (Perfume Launch)

This new line consists of a series of four collectible items generated by the concept of the four seasons that inspire
new fashion collections yearly. This concept is innovative yet classic, featuring nature characteristics and concepts that are influential not only to the fashion industry but also hold meaning at a spiritual level.
The chosen fashion house for the launch of this series of fragrances is BANANA REPUBLIC; known for delivering modern, versatile and classic designs for a life with no boundaries. Directed to an audience with that mindset; primarily a female audience 20 to 40 years of age, with a simple lifestyle. Women who are drawn to nature and who care about elegance as well as feeling confortable and smelling fresh.

Fort Calgary Map

This is a redesign the way-finding brochure provided at Calgary's History Touristic Museum - Fort Calgary

Kind Bar Redesign for User Experience

For this design the target audience are users with impaired vision and secondly, people whose second language is english. The elements of my design addressing these issues are braille code included in the packaging as texture. In addition to simple illustrations of the main ingredients the nut bar indicating flavour. These elements are of primary importance to my users because they will help the audience identify the product that they’re looking for through sight, and if not, through touch.

Put a Bird On It

This project consisted on pushing boundaries when creating packaging; the only goal/ requirement was to "put a bird on it".
Paradise punch is inspired by the colours of a tropical lifestyle in the beaches of Costa Rica. Featuring exotic species of birds and their unique colours. This project inspired a dedicated process of experimentation and alteration, as well as, the use of pattern and gradient.

Tinge Magazine

A magazine dedicated to exploring historical and contemporary pieces of artwork with dark histories surrounding them. We go beyond surface level to examine not only the works themselves but also the cultures, places and people they came from. Tinge magazine is about providing readers with an alternative perspective on art that doesn’t shy away from the truth no matter how dark it may be. We found a way to perfectly balance historic and contemporary dark art so that both receive proper attention, while also bringing light to the deeply rooted influence dark art from any era has in our modern societies.

This site may contain artworks with provocative content that some viewers may find uncomfortable or upsetting. AUArts supports a culture of non-censorship and ongoing conversations about contemporary art.