2020 Grad Show

Amelia Vermeulen

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In my current work I am exploring memory, family histories and the house as a container for these recollections. Memories gather in my mind, haunting recollections of what was and what could have been. Over time the reflection fades and vanishes until all we are left with are lingering traces of faint laughter, ghosts of lost loved ones, childhood daydreams and remembrances of lost places. Through constructed miniatures spaces made of paper and doll house miniatures, I am reconciling thoughts of close friends and familiar places that are long gone.


This piece is part of a series that documents and recalls memories about the house where my grandmother once lived. By recreating furniture, the hallways, the rooms from memory, I am documenting this lost home along with the stories that my family shared within its walls. These memories are transformed into intimate pieces that reconcile old recollections surrounding this cherished home.