2020 Grad Show

Alaska White

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Alaska White is a gallery-exhibited, award-winning fine arts photographer who graduated in 2020 from the Alberta University of the Arts with a Bachelor of Design in Photography. Often choosing to focus on themes surrounding relations between people, each other and their environments; Alaska's work is motivated by narratives including identity, gender, sexuality, self-expression and mental health. Her practice is mainly comprised of self-portraiture but within her portraits of others she strives to include representation and diversity. She is currently based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Board of Governors Graduating Student Award Recipient - Photography

Lesberado (2020)

This series depicts the story of two lesbian cowboys leaving their hometown in search of the great beyond. This work addresses themes of borrowing culture and the way certain cultural aspects influence others. LGBTQ+ culture and cowboy culture have been intrinsically linked for as long as they have been around. This series speaks on the link between these two groups of people as well as the way gay culture and cowboy culture are currently influencing popular media and trends. Each image is captioned with lyrics from a contemporary hip hop, rap, alternative or rock song that incorporates or is inspired by aspects from country and western music.

Lifestyle Portraits

A collection of lifestyle portraits captured throughout the last five years.

I Can't Believe I Made It Back (2017-)

An ongoing series depicting the strange happenings of a small town in linearly ambiguous time.

The Body In Environment (2015-)

Ongoing series exploring the relationships between ones body and the environment.

Places, Things

Everything else.

Fine Art Portraits

A collection of conceptually based works from 2017 onwards.