2020 Grad Show

Yilu Xing

AUArts Grad Show IMG_1588

Print Media


My art practice focuses on ideas around culture and its significations from a culinary perspective. The comparable repetitive processes of creating dishes, prints, and ceramics not only emphasizes the labour and love involved, but also the recurring gestures of the body and the mind. When cooking, the tacit memory I gain from my family members shows how the Chinese traditions has been passed on through lineage. In my work, I contextualize happiness, comfort, and nostalgia to food, relationships with my family members, culinary cultural impacts during my upbringing, and social connections I have with others by sharing food.
Profile image courtesy Nicholas Gunhouse

Board of Governors Graduating Student Award Recipient - Print Media

The Dinner (2020)

63" x 30" x 13". The Dinner is a mixed media installation piece. The silkscreen print shows the dishes that my family had in the 2020 Chinese New Year dinner. The printed hand cutouts attached illustrate the sharing element: family members sitting around the table, using chopsticks, eating lots of food, and having a good time summing up the past and looking forwards to the future. The bowl is impressed with an engraved ceramic stamp and decorated with a stain wash that creates the same pattern and colour with the repetitive pattern shown in the print. Various shapes of CMYK prints (approximately 200) are placed in the bowl; the audience may take these paper dumplings and therefore be a part of the sharing process.

Eating Alone but not Alone (2020)

5 minutes 17 seconds video of me eating comfort food in the studio, homemade bread and bun, ceramics, and a found table, 75” x 55” x 13”. Homemade bread and bun were cooked together with the two ceramic figures in a steamer. The food was imprinted by the figures.

Quarantine 2020 (2020)

Marker, pencil, and acrylic paint, 22” x 30”.
A virtual family gathering during quarantine 2020.

Love this Recipe (2019)

Silkscreen prints on homemade mandarin pancakes, monoprints on tissues, and found objects, 22” x 22” x 4”