2021 Grad Show

Nicole Yoo

AUArts Grad Show Screen Shot 2021-05-21 at 7.42.24 PM

VCD – Advertising & Graphic Design


I'm Nicole, just fresh out of the advertising and design program at Alberta University of the Arts. The reason I LOVE to design is because I love creating stories, and being able to communicate and immerse others through those stories. I love design because there is no one right way to approach it: there are a limitless number of possibilities.


Duolingo is the #1 language learning app in the world and is universally accessible to everyone for no cost. Their main goals are to teach users the benefits of learning a new language, and inspire young audiences to make language learning a daily habit through opportunities to connect across the world.


Affecté is a fictional Burberry perfume line created for the purposes of the brief. It appeals most to those in their early to mid twenties who just want to incorporate a bit of soft and sweet scent into their daily routine. Affecté has a fresh citrus and light floral scent, which embodies femininity. 

Affecté believes that empowerment means embracing femininity. 

How we define femininity varies from person to person.
It is expressed within beauty, kindness, gentleness, compassion, nurturing and most importantly, vulnerability - something that people are at times afraid to show. 


Cybersmile is a non-profit organization committed to digital wellbeing and tackling all forms of online bullying and abuse. Their main purpose is
to build a safer and more positive digital community.

An application that allows users to create personalized emojis for mobile use. Users can create positive-message emojis using their own photos to send to their friends and family. The main aim is to encourage positive online interaction,


Luxe is a fictional company created for the purposes of the brief.
Its goals are to provide its clients with a first-class car-sharing experience. It exclusively offers long-drives/road trips for people who desire comfort and luxury while traveling.


The VANS PRO series is essentially an improved version of the classic Vans.  

The idea behind this project is to evoke a strong sense of identity with the shoe.
As the tagline on the shoe is "Giving skateboarding a bad name since 2000",
we decided to focus on creating an image of "bad", "skater" and "cool".

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