2021 Grad Show

Zera Ji

AUArts Grad Show 187542084_481186759757710_8589635621597347229_n

Media Arts

Zera is a media artist who usually works with digital installation, sound, and videos. She is interested in programming, projection mapping on Touch Designer, and animation. Her work is about her experience as an international student in Canada, it focuses on human relationships, positive or negative feelings.


This piece explores the idea of the moment and life span of nature. We choose the color as our inspiration because the world is full of colors, the colors represent times, moments, and feelings. We start from the primary colors because many different colors formed from them. The sounds are the elements that bring the emotion- the emotion of the moments. The piece shows the moment of an organic living thing such as a flower, it will bloom and will wither, and a new flower will bloom again, if we can protect them, they will grow more, and if we can protect nature, our earth will last longer in the universe.

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