2022 Grad Show

Brooklyn Payne

AUArts Grad Show JC_03_2022_MNG_BP_(35)


In my art practice I explore the phenomenon of gender identity as a performance and exaggerate it onto a theatrical stage in the form of oil on canvas, with fantastical hyper-feminine creatures that walk on a fine line of moral ambiguity. By creating these paintings I am exploring my own relationship with gender expression, and creating evolving narratives that speak to my lived experience as a queer individual. Every figure is a version of my own image playing a different role, in a world where tradition frequently conflicts with budding senses of identity.

Profile image courtesy Jonathan Creese.

The Maiden and the Vamp

This series was done in 2022, exploring the evolving narrative between the maiden and the vamp.


These are costumes that I have designed, drafted, and sewn. The maiden and the femme fatale costumes are inspired by 1940s clothing, while the vamp's costume is inspired by 1930s bias dresses. The piece Femme Vacancy is based upon 1880s-1890s undergarments.

The Maiden and the Femme Fatale

This series was done in 2021, exploring the evolving dynamic between the maiden and the femme fatale.