2022 Grad Show

Emily Goodwin

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My work looks at utilitarian objects found in the home to communicate ideas around the mundane, the everyday, and memory. They are objects that occupy our lives and hold a residence whether we are aware or not. I am interested in how the noticing of the mundane creates meaning and a sense of agency in one's life. It allows us to be present and aware of these material things and even the materiality of our bodies. I am inspired by domestic settings, house plants and local botanicals. My work is an embodiment and homage to the small and insignificant, on small and insignificant objects.

Grandma's House

This is a series of work that looks at how ideas around the mundane and the every day are present in our lives and in the objects that surround us. This piece looks at how objects hold these memories and communicate a sense of time and place.

An Ode to You

This work is a series of three large vases, around 40 inches tall, and is an ode and a thank you to the memories and spaces of my past. This work utilizes pattern, illustration and post firing techniques to discuss the fading of memory and the melancholy undertones of spaces we can no longer access expect through memory.

Lost and Flora

This is a collection of ceramics that investigates flora found in Calgary and it's interaction with pattern and colour.

Miniature Bud Vases

This is a series of miniature bud vases that explores scale, pattern, colour and repetition.