2022 Grad Show

Eunhui Stella Lee

AUArts Grad Show 20210414_031613

Jewellery & Metals


My body of work represents an ongoing examination regarding the relationship of jewellery and human in the cycles of everyday life.
Food has been my most recent focus, I have worked to combine it with jewellery as an indispensable factor of everyday life. I explore the interaction between jewellery and the human body. The human body consists of cellular activity and gets energy from what we have eaten, over our entire lifetime. Jewellery has similar characteristics in that it cannot be completed except for the human body.
The food that makes up the human body and the jewelry that is placed on the body already have invisible interactions.
In addition to, food has ambivalent characteristics that are both the most traditional and universal.
So, I approach the subject of food from a cultural perspective, a point at which everything has become globalized.

The World Is Your Oyster

I recognize oysters as both food and jewellery. Oysters are not only the food we eat, but they are also the producers of pearls and mother-of-pearl. Sometimes, oyster shells are just perceived as waste being dumped. So, this artwork exists as a group of oysters, but it can be read in various ways. In addition, the title of the work also suggests the possibility of achieving anything you want.
This work proposes to expand the boundary of jewellery art through the medium of oysters and the meaning of the title, which can be interpretable in various ways.

Sparkly Donuts